The first bell tent

"Please Mum can we sleep in the tent?", after two days of watching us set up the first bell tent, our youngest daughter couldn't wait to be the first one to sleep in it.   

The idea of setting up Bell tents in the Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park had been on the backs our minds for the last six months; should we, shouldn't we, will people like them, will WE like them....

051A6126 (38).jpg

Well the answer is a resounding YES, we love them!  

Going to sleep in my electric blanket warmed bed next to my youngest daughter, listening to the waves on the beach and watching the cotton canvas undulate in the light breeze was a wonderful experience that took me right back to camping as a child with my own parents.

Waking up after a deep and refreshing sleep and seeing the silhouettes of the native shrubs waving outside the tents hearing the sound of the waves and the birds and knowing that I didn't have to rush about packing up a car full of camping paraphernalia and trying to get the tent back in the bag made for a truly luxurious morning.

Sitting on the generous deck, in a comfy armchair, warmed by my own private fire pot, drinking a coffee from the provided pod machine looking over the nature reserve with bacon and eggs cooked by my husband in the camp kitchen would have been the perfect end to our night in the bell tent, but unfortunately for me it was a bowl of muesli and off to set up the second bell tent!!