GUEST REVIEW - Tasmania Glamping trip

Wow… what an amazing adventure - is what we said to each other after arriving back in Melbourne. Imagine combining all of the best spots in Australia together onto this small picturesque island – This is what it was like! And even though I describe it as a small island, it is still twice the size of the Netherlands!

One of our highlights was the lovely and peaceful Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park, located on the Tasmanian highway between Bay Of Fires and Wineglass Bay.

Upon arriving we received a very warm welcome from the General Manager, Louise. We were guided to our Bell-Tent which was to become our home for the next couple of days. Nothing was too much trouble for them, we were shown all amenities within the park and were advised that if we needed anything at all just to knock on her door!! Needless to say, we were made to feel right at home from the beginning.


The tent was installed on a sturdy deck, surrounded by a few leafy trees and bushes to give us some privacy. The moment we pulled back the canvas door, we were so happily surprised by the inside of the tent - all the luxury and comfort you could only wish for was cleverly present; an espresso machine for that perfect cup of coffee in the morning, a kettle for the laid back cup of tea after a stroll along the beach (which mind you is only a few steps away), a flatscreen television, a microwave and best of all… A HEATED MATTRESS!!! A must-have for when it gets chilly at night – we were in heaven!


The sound of chirping birds and the rays of sunshine glistening through the tent is the most relaxing way to wake up in the morning. This was paradise.


We visited the Bay of Fires then were invited to join in “happy hour” with the owners Julian, Clancy, and their friends, later that afternoon. We shared a nice bottle of Prosecco and locally smoked Tasmanian salmon, whilst exchanging stories and a couple of Dutch words!! After a night of such great company and a few laughs, we headed off into our cosy and warm Bell Tent to call it a night.


Spoiled by the nature of Tasmania and the luxury and comfort of the Sanctuary we felt like this was the perfect place to end our holiday. Anyone looking to escape the realities of everyday life needs to experience this little slice of heaven – even if only for a couple of days!

Matthias Wiersma
GlamXperience Australia™


"Please Mum can we sleep in the tent?", after watching us set up the first bell tent for two days our youngest daughter couldn't wait to be the first one to sleep in the new Bell Tent.   

The idea of setting up Bell tents in the Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park had been percolating in our minds for the last six months; should we, shouldn't we, will people like them, will WE like them....


Well the answer is a resounding YES, we love them!  

Going to sleep in my electric blanket warmed bed next to my youngest daughter listening to the waves on the beach and watching the 100% cotton canvas undulate in the light breeze was a wonderful experience that took me right back to camping as a child with my own parents.

Waking up after a deep and refreshing sleep and seeing the silhouettes of the native shrubs waving outside the tents hearing the sound of the waves and the birds and knowing that I didn't have to rush about packing up a car full of camping paraphernalia and trying to get the tent back in the bag made for a truly luxurious morning.

Sitting on the generous deck, drinking a coffee from the provided pod machine looking over the nature reserve with bacon and eggs cooked by my husband in the camp kitchen would have been the perfect end to our night in the bell tent, but unfortunately for me it was a bowl of muesli and off to set up the second bell tent!!


Family fun around the park

Family fun around the park

There's a whole heap of family fun to be had in and around Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park. 


We have not one but TWO playgrounds for children to explore. One big whopper for children of all ages and another smaller one more suitable for toddlers.

The best park amenities, APPARENTLY

The best park amenities, APPARENTLY

We get a lot of great feedback from our lovely guests but the one comment we get again and again is that we have "the best park amenities"! Although it's a small detail it seems a very important consideration for many. Our amenities block is modern, clean and well maintained. And apparently the best some of our guests have ever come across! We've also got some other great facilities in the park that deserve a mention too so read on to find out about our landry, camp cooking options and huge playground! 

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Why are we the best caravan park on the East Coast of Tasmania?

Why is Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park the best caravan park and camping site on the East Coast of Tasmania? 

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