How to camp on the East Coast of Tasmania in Winter

How to camp on the East Coast of Tasmania in Winter

You wake in the middle of the night, freezing, nose dripping and can instantly feel the chill of the air on your flushed cheeks. It’s still raining heavily and you wish you hadn’t opted for the “more affordable option” from the selection of tents. You wait for the weather to change just a little bit and concentrate on defrosting your feet by rubbing them together in your socks until you’re eventually warm enough to fall back asleep. It takes much longer than you had hoped. 

If you’re a true camper and love the experience of being in a tent you’ve been here before. And it’s never pretty!

One way to avoid this situation but still enjoy the feeling of being in the outdoors in winter is to camp in one of Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park’s safari style cabins on the East Coast of Tasmania. We call them safari cabins as this term reflects the accommodation level most appropriately but they are canvas so you still get that feeling of being in the great outdoors that we all love. Full self-contained accommodation, our safari cabins hold all the benefits of feeling like you’re sleeping under the stars but also provide all the conveniences of home, “warmth” being one of them! 

Camping in Tasmania in winter

There are so many things to enjoy about camping in Tasmania during winter. The cold brings out another beautiful side of the surrounding nature. Winter in Tasmania brings some crisp, sunny spectacular sunny days and snow features around the State regularly on many mountain tops.

Under floor heating!!

Every safari cabin has underfloor heating that give the accommodation that sense of luxury. Warm up fast after exploring on Tasmania’s East Coast in the winter or after you’ve been caught in the rain. Each safari cabin also has its own heater to keep guests toasty warm when they need it most.

Pod coffee machine

Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park safari cabins also each feature a pod coffee machine to make those winter days warmer for guests. Self contained accommodation with some small luxuries! Each guest is treated to a few on arrival and more are available from the office for $1 each for those of us who like to indulge in a couple of cups a day.

Comfortable indoor kitchen and private outdoor undercover BBQ

There’s no need to run through the rain to reach the camp kitchen, BBQ or bathroom if you stay in one of our self-contained safari cabins. Everything you need for your comfort is inside your cabin. If you want to create a gourmet meal a fully equipped kitchen is at your fingertips with a portable cook top and a private BBQ. 

Private bathroom

No need to wait in a line for a hot shower when you have your own private bathroom! And when you need to use the facilities you have a toilet close by. 

No need to cancel due to rain

It can be heartbreaking to cancel a camping trip due to unexpected weather conditions but safari cabin guests have no need to change plans. Safari cabins offer a toasty retreat from the winter conditions so that you can camp in style rain, hail or shine!

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